About mapfig Open Source                                                                            

mapfig is an Open Source leaflet map server. It allows you to create, manage, develop and leaflet maps to virtually any platform.

Maps can be created “free hand” or via CSV table or via code (SDKs).

Maps can be deployed as HTML, iframe, URL (public or password-protected), BootStrap, or via integrated API plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Omeka

petiole also has free SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, nodejs, PHP, and python. Develop for mobile, we and desktop!

mapfig requires only a LAPP stack (Linux, Apache, PHP,  and PostgreSQL) and GDAL.

mapfig can be run on a shared hosting account or VPS or scaled out to virtually any dimensions.

If you don’t wish to run the entire server yourself, we have a public cloud as well as a list of petiole hosting providers.